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The temple of tooth

The  temple  of   tooth  colled   as  Dalada Maligawa. It  is  located  in  the  city  of Kanday. The  lord  buddas  tooth  relic  is  kept  in  this  temple. There  fore  it  is  worshipped  by  thousands  of  buddhists  every  years. The  beautiful Bogambara  wewa adds  beauty  to  this  temple. There  are  meny  rest  houses  near  by  to  rest  for  the  devotees.



Kataragama is a very popular pilgrimage site in Sri  Lanka.  People of all walks of life throng to kataragama.The festivel in august draws thousands of pilgrimsto  winess the ritual  performances  of the devotees.Some dance  with  skewers thrust  through  ther  tongues  and sheeks .  others  tow  heavy carts or suspend weights   from  hooks  piercing their wolking  ceremony.  the devotees   wolk   barefoot  on  beds  of  redhot  embers.

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May 29, 2010, 8:15 am
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My name is N.A.Shanaka Pradeep Rajarathna.I am 14 years old.I live in Narawelpita.I am studay in grade 9.My school is MR/Methodistha C.C.I study eleven subjects. I have a one brother and two sister.My favourite game is cricket. My favourite  subject is english. My favourite drink is milk. My father is N.A.S.Rajarathna.He is a Air force officer.My mother is W.T.Priyadarshani Perera.She is a house wife.My school principal is G.L.Tilakrathna.I wont be a Doctor.