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The Butterfly.

The Butterfly is an insect.It is very beautiful. It has two pairs of wings.Some wings are more colourful.In the morning it flies from flower to flower and sucks nectar Its body is thin and long.It has six legs. During the season of pilgrimage of  Sri pada the butterfly flies to Sripada with his friends.There are more poems written  about the butterfly. It is hermles. Little childreh like it. Its life in four stages.There is an egg ,caterpillar,cocoon and butterfly.


Sri Lanka.


My  country  is  Sri  Lanka. It  is  an  Island  in  the  Indian  Ocean. It  is  called  The  pearl  of  the  Indian  ocean. It  is  a small  country.Sri  lanakans  are  friendly,helpful  and  hospitable.      Sri  lanka  exports  tea, rubber  and  coconut.    colombo  is  the  capital  of  Sri  lanka. The  country  is  divided  in  to  nine  provices.  Our tea  is  popular  for  all  over  the  world.  There  are  mountains, flower  gradens,water  falls,river  and  jungles  and  sanctuaries  in  sri  lanka.Mahaweli  is  the  longest river and  Pidurutalagala  is  the  highest  mountain  in  sri  lanka.There  are  many  sacred  places.some  of  them  are  Kandy,Sripada,Anuradhapura  and  Polonnaruwa.                          There    are  many  communities  in  sri  lanka.  There  are  Sinhalese,The  tamils, The  muslims  and   burghers.I  wish  to  serve  my  country  in  future.


Kataragama is a very popular pilgrimage site in Sri  Lanka.  People of all walks of life throng to kataragama.The festivel in august draws thousands of pilgrimsto  winess the ritual  performances  of the devotees.Some dance  with  skewers thrust  through  ther  tongues  and sheeks .  others  tow  heavy carts or suspend weights   from  hooks  piercing their wolking  ceremony.  the devotees   wolk   barefoot  on  beds  of  redhot  embers.


Flowers  have  been  important  to  men  since  ancient  times.

People  love  to  grow  flowering  plants  in  ther  home  granden.

Botanical  gradens  like   Peradeniya  and  Haggala

have  a  wide variety  of  flowers.  Natural  forests  like  sinharaja   are  also  adundant  in  beautiful  flowers.

Flowers  have  a  fragrance  and  they  beautiful

the  envitonment.  .