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The Butterfly.

The Butterfly is an insect.It is very beautiful. It has two pairs of wings.Some wings are more colourful.In the morning it flies from flower to flower and sucks nectar Its body is thin and long.It has six legs. During the season of pilgrimage of  Sri pada the butterfly flies to Sripada with his friends.There are more poems written  about the butterfly. It is hermles. Little childreh like it. Its life in four stages.There is an egg ,caterpillar,cocoon and butterfly.


My Best Friend.

My best friend is Udan Randika Ravishan. He is 14 years old. His school is MR/Methodistha  Centrel College. He is live in Hakmana. He study in grade 9.  He has a one  brother and one sister.His favourite game is Cricket. His favourite drink is milk.He wont to be a doctor.